5 Winning E-Commerce Web Designs in Singapore

The predicted future of online shopping is here. Business seeking to leverage and gain from their hard tasks must focus on providing their products to the virtual audience. Customers are decamping the physical shops for online stores. Even with the massive adaption of online shopping one aspect is static. The appearance and design of the store -offline or online remains the point of attraction. As people will pay attention to a smart electronic or a well-designed fashion, in the same way, they will spend a longer duration on a well-designed website.
Thus, E-commerce website design you choose for your online store will have a central role in determining your sales level. If you fail to consider a design that enhances your site attractiveness and user-friendliness, your marketing efforts will be on the crisis. To assist you in making a choice, here are the top four e-commerce web designs for Singapore online stores:


Are you planning to sell devices such as phones and electronic devices? For you to succeed, you need a site that reflects what you are offering to the customers. Your visitors should get an idea of what you are selling even before they navigate the entire site. X-Doria is a leading e-commerce website design. It is a good design for device sellers. The design focuses on enhancing navigation, searching, and filtering. So, if you want to enable your customers to find products without any struggle, this is a good design.

Good as Gold

Fashions and footwear are among the on-demand niches in Singapore. Hence, if you are focusing on this field, you are confident that competition will be at its climax. Having an excellent e-commerce website design can be the secret to conquering your rivals. Good as Gold is a good web design you should consider when launching a fashion or a footwear store. The design offers an opportunity to use large pictures on the background of your homepage to showcase your products. Also, it emphasizes on displaying your product name and essential information attractively. You can use oversized fonts which are appealing to various computing devices. This way, you can drive massive sales with ease.

Photorealism design

This web design concentrates on enabling you to complement your content with a great background image. With it, you can display compelling images to support your product descriptions. Following the approach will make it easy for you to drive sales. Again, the design helps you to create a sense of realism. This way, you enhance customers’ trust in your products and probability of making massive sales.

Minimalist web design

Do you desire to make your site navigable and straightforward? If so, minimalist web design is the best option. This design emphasizes on making your website appealing and straightforward. The design aims at making your e-commerce website appear simple without any exaggerations. Your goal is only to display what you are offering without adding unnecessary and meaningless decorations.
However, it makes your site to appear outdated. Also, it is not a good match if you are offering products targeting millennials. Nevertheless, if you are dealing with products destined to remind your customers about a given cultural practice or some historical moment, this design is worth it.

Final thoughts

In a word, your e-commerce website design is crucial in securing a market share on your niche. The design of your online store will either attract or chase prospective customers. Also, when considering design, you need to pay attention to whether it matches your products or not. Poor design will create a sense of unreliability and unauthenticity in your customers’ mind.

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